1+1=3: Teamwork, Music and the Art in Business Management

One Plus One Equals Three
From puzzle pieces to the music history of The Who, The Beatles, symphony orchestras and more, Brian Brodeur discusses the musical lessons that informed how East Main Media built an incredible team and achieved successful growth over the last 20 years.


“If you look at the coffee mugs in our studio kitchen at East Main Media, you’ll see many of them printed with a simple math equation: 1+1=3.

Of course, that addition equation is wrong, but it refers to a fundamental philosophy of how I recruit team members, how I’ve staffed my company, and how I manage projects at East Main Media. It’s about Teamwork… about working together. About the sum being greater than the parts.

Simply put: I want team members – the people that I work with, directly – to not just bring a set of skills or talents to the table individually – but I need team members that “compliment” me and each other within the work we do together. Think of it this way – team members, or people in general, as like puzzle pieces – each with individualized shapes, or unique characteristics – and the team, or business as a whole, is the puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle is unique unto itself, but only when all pieces are brought together – does it create the complete picture…”

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